Companions are men and women, both ordained and lay, married and single, of any mainstream Christian denomination, who are drawn to the ethos of the Community and are attached to the Community in a special way.  They are considered to be an important part of the SGS family, and they keep a simple Rule of Life which reflects the Rule observed by the Sisters.


Companions enjoy some of the benefits of belonging to a religious community, whilst not being required to detach themselves to the same extent from family and other commitments.  The Sisters are grouped into local Colleges, and each Companion is affiliated with one such College.  They are expected to maintain contact with the Sisters of their College and to meet with them in Chapter at least once a year.


Companions are also kept in touch with the Community and their local College through being sent occasional newsletters and intercession lists.


Those who wish to become Companions should apply to a College Chapter through a Sister of the College to which they will be attached.  On receipt of the application, the College will invite the candidate to try living the Companions' Rule of Life for at least six months before being formally admitted.  The College will also appoint one of its members to accompany the candidate and to receive quarterly reports on his/her observance of the Rule.

After at least six months, the candidate may, with the consent of the College Chapter, be formally admitted as a Companion.  He/she will be invited to make a one-year commitment to the Companion's Rule of Life at a meeting of the College to which he/she is attached, and will at that point be given the Companions' badge.  The commitment may be renewed annually for as long as the person wishes to continue as a Companion.

If you are interested in becoming a Companion, or would like further information about the Community, you may contact any of the Sisters, or the Prioress.  (See the Contact page for details.)


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